Rast Tonality

Sign: ARIES. Group: FIRE. A hot-dry tonality. Effective at midnight and dawn. Prevents over sleeping. Affects cold organs like the brain, the bones and fats. Increases low pulse rate. Corrects the imbalances caused by humidity which controls children’s body. Good for mental illnesses. It has a relation with yellow gall. Shows a masculine character. It is more effective on Tuesdays and in the mornings. It is associated with water group and the sign of Capricorn. It is one of the four major tonalities with high healing value. Induces joy, internal composure and relaxation. Heals paralysis. Affects the head, the eyes and the muscles. It is one of the oldest tonalities. In Persian it has meanings like ‘straightforward, alive, real’ and ‘correct’. Since it has spasm relieving attributes, it is beneficial for the curing of spastic and autistic patients. It is also associated with the planet Mars.